Adhere to Your Loved One's Wishes

Seek help from a probate attorney in Jacksonville, FL

Estate plans are unique to every person, and so is the administration of their estates. If you find yourself caught up in probate, turn to Todd Watson Attorney & Counselor At Law, LLC in Jacksonville, FL. We assist with the complexities of trust administration so families can ensure they follow their loved one's wishes.

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Learn more about alternatives to probate

Probate is a time-consuming process that you may be able to avoid. With the right method, your probate attorney can offer different options. Two of these options are:

  • Petitions to succeed to real or personal property - you may petition a court for an order to succeed assets to heirs if the estate is under a certain value.
  • Small estate affidavits - you may seek an affidavit if the personal property or cash equivalent is housed in a financial institution with account balances below a specified threshold.
Your probate attorney will help you determine if you're eligible for either of these options. Additionally, an attorney can assist with trust administration as needed. This includes drafting forms, complying with legal notice requirements and more. Speak to an attorney today about trust administration.